cropped-header1.jpgThe annual shit storm that is trying to remember my login for my website’s host is over. I have WordPress now which is nice cause I can add information here as I please. I may try to make this more about stuff other than my work as a recordist but I am currently enrolled in full-time studies at the University of Winnipeg, working full-time hours recording music while still attempting to play in a band of my own and have something that resembles a normal life. So it may just be housekeeping stuff until time frees up. I’m currently working on full-length album projects for Waster and North Shore. I have an EP that is being worked on with Sorrier and I’m starting full-length albums for Screaming At Traffic, Nice Cops, Sit Calm, and a few others shortly. If you are interested in working with me on your next project please do not hesitate to contact me at jay.voth*at*gmail.com


thank you


*any nice photos on here were taken by Nic Herzog @ Playfair Visual. Any shitty ones are courtesy of yours truly.

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