summer insanity

L O N G  overdue update, here’s what’s all happened since I last posted.

  • HOW IT ENDS has been released, I had the pleasure of working in the audio department for this film. It starts Theo James, Forest Whittaker and Kat Graham. The film is available on Netflix now, go check it out!
  • SCREAMING AT TRAFFIC has signed to Little Rocket Records and will release their debut full length with them. Details on that to be announced.
  • I am busy. I am currently working with the bands NICE COPS, SIT CALM and SOUR DAYS on their upcoming releases. All three are sounding great.
  • I’m back in school next week and this means I will be taking on a little bit less work so I can focus on my school. I really appreciate everyone’s support and this has without question been the busiest year I have ever had making music with you all.

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